Herkuttelijan kookos-tyrni chiavanukas

Gourmet coconut-buckthorn chia pudding

Buckwheat is a particularly tasty companion for sea buckthorn, and in this chia pudding recipe, this pair of flavors shines to the next level. Not only is the taste just right, this recipe is also sugar-free. Cooking delicacies couldn't be easier than this!
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Kesäinen kesäkurpitsakeitto

Summer zucchini soup

Summer in a bowl! The filling tomato zucchini soup is crowned by Hunaja-Aita's premium multi-flower honey and roasted zucchini seeds.
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Chili-hunaja popcorn

Chili honey popcorn

This snack is heavenly gooey! Especially suitable for snacking after the sauna while watching the beautiful sunset and enjoying a sauna drink.
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