Our Honey

Hunaja-Aitta produces Finnish premium honey with more than 10 years of experience. Our honey comes from Southern Finland, from the clean forests of Salo, and diverse nature enables the development and production of unique honey products.

Our products are based on our premium multi-flower honey , which tastes of Finland's versatile nature. The honey has been collected from several different nectar sources and it tastes like regional plants such as apple, raspberry, clover, lingonberry and heather. The floral intoxicating honey tastes good on its own and is also excellent for sweetening drinks and cooking.

Honey is also excellent as a healthy sweetener, as it has 20 percent fewer calories than regular sugar.

Our taste&honey products taste like domestic berries and clean ingredients. These products are particularly suitable for cooking. Try Maku&hunaja chili honey, for example, in marinades or on its own with summer barbecue delicacies. Berjaisat Maku&hunaja products are perfect for sweetening pastries and cakes, and honey flavored with fresh eucalyptus is at its best when enjoyed with tea.

Our selection also includes seasonally limited batches of special honeys. Buckwheat honey is its own kind of honey, with a rather special taste and a beautiful brown shade. It is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Hunaja-Aita's products are made from Finnish premium honey produced by Hunaja-Aita, and we take care of the beekeeping ourselves from start to finish. Bees are our superheroes and the products are manufactured responsibly in Finland.