Kukkahunajaa purkista

Hunaja Leivonnassa – Luonnollista makeutta

Hunajan monipuolinen käyttö leivonnassa. Hunajan ainutlaatuisia ominaisuuksia, kuten sen luonnollista makeutta, kosteutta sitovaa kykyä ja makujen moninaisuutta. Tärkeitä vinkkejä hunajan käyttöön leivonnassa, kuten mittasuhteiden ja lämpötilan säätämisen.
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Raparperimehu hunaja twistillä

Rhubarb juice with a honey twist

July is at its best and so is the summer rhubarb season. This honey-flavored juice recipe is an easy way to make the most of the lush rhubarb bushes. The crisp, fresh juice tastes great on summer evenings or, for example, at a picnic. Ingredients: - 2 liters of chopped rhubarb stalks (leave the skins, they give the juice a nice shade) - 2 liters of water - 0.5 dl Premium multi-flower honey (add honey a little at a time if you want the juice sweeter) Guide: Boil the rhubarb in water for 15 minutes until soft. Leave the mixture...

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Herkuttelijan kookos-tyrni chiavanukas

Gourmet coconut-buckthorn chia pudding

Buckwheat is a particularly tasty companion for sea buckthorn, and in this chia pudding recipe, this pair of flavors shines to the next level. Not only is the taste just right, this recipe is also sugar-free. Cooking delicacies couldn't be easier than this!
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Trooppiset tuulihatut

Tropical wind hats

While waiting for the upcoming summer berry harvests, you can taste a tropical breeze! Wind hats are a wonderful classic, and it is not at all as difficult to make pastry magic as is perhaps commonly thought. The secret to wind hat dough is patience. There are not many raw materials, but for example the water-butter mixture of the dough should be heated enough so that the dough does not remain loose. Pineapples marinated in honey take the taste world to a new level in these windbreakers. Get the recipe and spoil your mother on Mother's Day with these deliciously...

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