For the love of bees

Honey shed

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved nature and all living things. He nurtured plants, animals and even insects. He was like at home in the middle of nature and still is. The interest in the soulscape of bees and respect for nature soon turned into a hobby, and over the years, my own beloved apiary, Hunaja-Aitta, was born.

Kirsi Lehtosaari started beekeeping as a hobby more than 10 years ago. In the process, the enthusiasm grew, and a partner, Pasi Vainionpää, joined the company's operations. Together, they have grown the beekeeping business, with the well-being of the bees first, and the business today also includes the raising of queens.

We take care of all our hives from start to finish ourselves, respecting the well-being of the bees and acting responsibly. After all, bees are the superheroes of our operations. Marketing communications expert Salla Airaksinen, who is in love with honey, has also joined the activity. With this team, through our values ​​and products, we forward the message about the quality, purity and organic nature of honey and responsible beekeeping. Our mission is to raise the image of Finnish honey in Finland and the world.

Our product selection includes products and product sets for quality-loving consumers. Our strength is the unique and innovative products that we develop with the help of our own close-knit in-house team, from the apiary to product development and packaging design.

We are constantly developing new flavor variations from our pure 100% Finnish honey, because we want to bring to the market new types of honey products for cooking and baking that meet the demand in accordance with today's trends. In the development of our product recipes, we also use the know-how of other local producers and high-quality Finnish raw materials, which makes our products unique.

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Pending! A new dimension of Aistikka's sauna experience

During 2022, we will launch a renewed Spa&honey product line, which includes sauna, shower and bath honey products for luxurious moments of pampering. The enormous health effect of honey guarantees that the honey we produce is also perfectly suitable for the development of products that promote well-being. That's why our 100% Finnish honey is also the basis of the quality of our sauna shower and bath products.

In the products, we use Finnish herbs and plants to enhance the health effects and guarantee a relaxing experience that pampers all the senses in the midst of hectic everyday life. We want to bring high-quality wellness products made from honey easily available to all Finns and across borders, gladly to every home spa in the world!

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